Jesse Coors-Blankenship

May 19, 2021

Jesse Coors-Blankenship

Jesse is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Parkway, and a successful founder, entrepreneur and inventor, who developed an entirely new form of artificial intelligence software, and transformed that software into a successful technology company, Frustum Inc. Jesse holds both granted and pending patents for the technology he has developed.

Jesse’s deep technical expertise in Generative Design, Simulation, AI and SaaS technologies, combined with firsthand product design and development and business management experience, give him a unique perspective as a technology investor, and make him an ideal mentor, coach and advisor to early and mid-stage venture backed companies.  Prior to co-founding Parkway, Jesse was the Founder and CEO of Frustum, developing from the ground up a patented, core AI technology that automates the design of engineered products. Jesse built Frustum over the course of 5 years, culminating in a trade sale of the business to PTC, Inc. in 2018. Jesse’s early investors were returned over 9x their initial investment in Frustum. 

Prior to founding Frustum, Jesse was a Senior Engineer with Autodesk, Inc., where he oversaw the implementation of experimental Generative Design technology in a software prototype while exploring applications for key customer accounts, such as Airbus.

Prior to Autodesk, Jesse held roles as a professor at Columbia University in New York City, and in Advance Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence at both Columbia University and Cornell University.

Jesse holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Southern California, a Master of Science from Columbia University and was the 2019 Columbia University Entrepreneur of the Year.